On this page you can see photos that were taken while building and mounting the projects "Klein Quarakter" and "de Landerijen"

When you point at the numbered lines next to the photo below, the comments of the current photo appears... Enjoy watching them.

The first 7 photos were taken when building the Common Swift nestbox "Klein Quarakter", ("Klein" means small) named after the name of the project "Quarakter" where our houses were build in our hometown in Krimpen aan den IJssel where we moved into in the summer of 2007.
Photo 8 to 10 are snapshots of a (youtube) recording I made on the very first day I was experiencing with sound attraction...
Much to my surprise there indeed was a Common Swift coming down and flew just close to the roof, like he/she really got curious and came to check out where that sound was coming from.
Photos 11 to 13 are from a Great or TomTit that had discovered "Small Quarakter" around October 2008 and came by every now and then when the weather was bad, to sleep there or just hang around. The first gras I put there for future Common Swifts was taken by him/her also.

1: Starts to look like a nestbox I think

2: Looking in from above

3: Fitting small hinges for the roof

4: This way it can open

5: You see the entrance now looking through the roof

6: Here "Small Quarakter" hangs with a test speaker set up in de window frame

7: Close up of "SQ" and the tweater

8: Common Swift hears the sound

9: Common Swift comes down to roof height

10: Common Swift flies just over the edge of the roof

11: Great or Tomtit on SQ, but another is inside... can you see that one too?

12: Inside snapshot in SQ when 2 great or tomtits were inside

13: Inside snapshot in SQ when 1 great or tomtit was inside

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Mar van der Stelt alias kimopo
Krimpen aan den IJssel