My first tattoo... (click here for my second one)

Ever since I met Gerrit, my thoughts and my way of experiencing things changed. I always used to dislike women with tattoos but nowadays, I think different.
I still don't like it when women have enormeous tattoos but I must admit, I have seen quite some beautiful pieces, especially when done by 'Tattoo Tim', such fine art they look like pictures.
Anyway, Ger and I visited Tim some 3 years ago when Ger got an initial tattoo designed by us and I sat there, waiting on the couch, with some coffee, going through many books of samples.
I didn't find anything I liked enough and due to certain circumstances, it never came to getting a tattoo myself.

I always have been fond of Indians and wolves and we have several small statues of them in our home and we also have a nice wolf print above our bed.

Now this September, I would have my 40st birthday and thought that was a good reason to visit Tim and his coffee and books again to finally decide what tattoo I would want.
Tim's wife Annemarie gave me a book with Indian subjects and people images and when I went through that book, I suddenly "saw" mine... a small band with feathers... That was to be the one.
A date was set and because Tim is soo busy, I would need to wait another 3 months (So this wasn't an impulsive wish that now was to take place after 3 years)
Thursday, October 20 was the day... I would get my "birthday tattoo" at 5 pm.

Aspen Gold  MaijaI once had found beautiful jpgs of an Indian young female and I used one of those as an avatar in a forum, without remembering who made it.
When my tattoo was done and we went home, I felt very happy that I finally had my little feather band and back home, I turned on the computer to look for the Indian image and opened Google.
In Google, I typed the name of the jpg (Aspen Gold) and after several links, I entered a site that showed different prints by different artists and suddenly I saw her... Aspen Gold.
I had found it again ! It was made by Maija and so I now typed Maija in the Google searchbar and yes, this was the site where I once had found that image.
The link to her site can be found using the button "links" on my index page and if you also "are fond" of Indian figures, it absolutely is worth visiting that site.

But, here on this page you will find some pictures of my first tattoo, taken from the start to the result.

Of course I was kinda nerveous, after all, it was my very first one and couldn't really imagine what it would feel like. Some say it feels like the itchy feeling you can have when your "foot sleeps" while others say it feels like a scratch but I know now, it isn't either one.
Maybe it helps to know that I have cats for many years and have had a cat scratch every now and then and I can tell you, that does hurt!
Of course I did feel the needle but very little, it was more like slight itching and sometimes my feeling told me Tim sqeezed my underarm while he was working on my upperarm!
What also might be the reason for this very little pain is that Tim used the smallest needle possible. (And female can relax more when it comes to certain pain haha)

Tim really did a fine job, specially when he knows it is your first time: He takes time to comfort you and explain what he is about to do.
He said I'd better not watch it so I sat back and relaxed, watch the telly to my right and I think I managed well enough to stay calm. Ger said I really didn't look at it, as he took the photos, he did say that at the first touch of the needle, he could see in my face that it didn't bother me at all.

October 20, 2005


The sample print to
set its location

The feathers were
tattooed first
Here are the beads Tim says it goes perfect




Chat a bit Now the backside This is punctilious work And watch the result





21 oktober

Approx 3 hrs later, at home
when the bandage was
taken off, the first photo
was taken and you can see
the red irritated skin
It looked quite good
from a distance already
See, one night sleep
and the skin is calm
The shadow comes out nicely

October 22, 2005


October 29, 2005

All red spots are gone Someone "complimented" Tim
when she heard this tattoo
is only 2 days old !

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