Here you find photos we took in December 2006.

Location: Lansingh-Zuid, Krimpen aan den IJssel

Per page, the photos up to the space are about "our" block.  Sometimes after such space, you'll find common photos but this time, again we have too many so they most likely will appear on their own page again.

The photos below were taken on December 1, 2006.

Well, today was the day... I went to the area to check if anything new was visible, the roof tiles are nearby but no, nothing special to see this time.  Never the less, I decided to park the car and walked over to the house and when I was in front of it, I saw it... We now have stairs ! Brede lach

A carpenter watching me taking new photos said: "It's goning to be nice eh?" to which I replied that I noticed we have stairs now. "Is this to be your house?" Yess, it is. "Oh well, do come in, check those stairs" he said with a smile and hey, that wasn't said to someone deaf  Grijns   So I've been up to the attick and made many new photos...  Knipoog

And than I realize it's coming closer faster and faster... at least that's how it feels... I've been inside our house now, which really is a house now, no inside walls yet but still...

The first 3 photos are the stairs below while nr 4 is the stairs on the second floor to the attick. Photo 8 & 9 is the view from the attick window

When you point at a small pic you will get to see the larger one below.

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