Here you find the photos we took in February 2006

of buildingplan Quarakter.

Location: Lansingh-South, Krimpen aan den IJssel (NL) 

Per page, the photos up to the space are about "our" block. Sometimes after such space, you'll find common photos.

The estimated date has been adjusted to September 2007, but of course that may change a few more times to again, to later, early 2008 or really sooner than that.

The photos below are taken around half February, 2006.

The first few were taken on the day we went over to fill out the papers required to accept the house while the others of the soil in the snow were taken on March 2 & 3. The compilation of "our house" and "our street" on the soil was created with the help of Adobe Photo de Luxe 1.0  (It can be that easy) The last picture has a shovel  "across our house"

When you point at a small pic you will get to see the larger one below.
(Tip: scroll until you get the little images on top of this screen)

Maquette drawing Quarakter, Maquette of the piece of Quarakter where our house will be built. Our house is the corner near the word "de"  












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