The first photos we took in January 2007.

Location: Lansingh-Zuid, Krimpen aan den IJssel

Per page, the photos up to the space are about "our" block.  Sometimes after such space, you'll find common photos.

The photos below were taken on January 10, 2007.

The first two are our street seen from the left and right. Photo 3 show pipes and stuff needed in all 8 houses of our block. Photo 4 & 5 shows the numbers; this set is ours, building number 71.
On photo 6, 7 & 8 you can see that some windows already have the (rain) tiles below the windows.

Photo 9 to 11 show "our swimming pool" on the attick... Knipoog Our new flooring has seen enough water for the next coming years... all because our left window hasn't been delivered yet and prior to the holidays, appearantly nobody had the idea to put some plastic over the hole in the roof so the rain could come in easily...

The last three show the "chimneys" where the air and smoke/gass leaves the house (It's not a real chimney tho)

When you point at a small pic you will get to see the larger one below.

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