Here you find photos we took in July 2006.

Location: Lansingh-Zuid, Krimpen aan den IJssel

Per page, the photos up to the space are about "our" block.  Sometimes after such space, you'll find common photos.

The photos below were taken in July, 2006 and updated to just before the Summer holidays 2006.

There's not too much going on on our block but putting down stuff they need nearby for building the blocks left and in front of ours.
Our block is still recognisable by the little green house, sometimes left, then right or in the middle of a photo.

The first photo was taken on July 12, our block in the middle back where you can see prefabricated foundation; much to our surprise it appeared that the evening before, that foundation already was there, both in our block as the block in front.
Because this had been done soo fast we couldn't take "action" photos right then, we went back the next morning to take more photos of how far all now was.

The sixth photo is taken through a part of the tunnels they use, looking towards our block whilst the last four are from the  55+ block opposite of ours.

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