Here you find photos we took in
October 2006.

Location: Lansingh-Zuid, Krimpen aan den IJssel

Per page, the photos up to the space are about "our" block.  Sometimes after such space, you'll find common photos but this month, when you click the yellow arrow, you'll find more photos of October 2006.

The photos below were taken in the first week of October 2006 up to to October 6, 2006.

Wow, sometimes things go soo fast... We took photos on October 3 and all we saw were the same two walls being prepared and then, really just 1 day later, there were 4 tunnels and concrete was put in there also already.
Our house is the corner tunnel, where you see working stairs.
With this speed it appeared that the second level was prepared before the weekend...

The first two photos are our "naked" floor and then photos of the walls being built...
To our surprise (and to be honest, also a bit to my pleasure) there appeared a window on the second level (in our bathroom) which actually is a "building error
" and will be closed later.

When you point at a small pic you will get to see the larger one below.
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